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 Orchester (Hip-hop Grandpa) Benjamin Family

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About Us

Black written history Movement”

As Historians, we think the best of worlds is to be alive and watch a major historical cultural event take place in the Black world right before our very eyes. And to play a role in that event, no matter how small, is a joy beyond words.

For example, in the last approximately 20 years, there has been an explosion of Black literature selling on the market, writers and readers who don’t usually read and or, write a lot of books.  This literature explosion is a major historical event in the stream of Black history. It is a much bigger and deeper cultural event than the Harlem renaissance movement of the 1920s. Because it created thousands of writers and tens of thousands of Readers on all levels of Black Society, and puts African American intellectuality on display. This makes it a creative cultural event of historic proportion.

We believe that future historians will look at this period in black history and see that Blacks are filling in the last major piece of the puzzle of our historical existence. And they will see, that Black writers are documenting, and Readers are confirming “the Black experience” on a large enough scale to lay the foundation for a "Positive Black written history Movement.”  It began with the 1920s "New Negro,” and is continuing with the Hip-hop generation into the twenty-first century, as an extension of the “Civil Rights Movement" of the 1960s .

A positive written history is a powerful unifying force for Black society to rally around. This makes it useful, and the heart and soul of this major historic literature movement that every writer and reader is a part of.

Our approach is focused on integrating a definition of Black history founded on the premise of transforming an Ancient West African Spirituality paradigm into a written historical concept. And add it to this literature movement by demonstrating  our Ancestor's impact on our lives in the twenty-first century.

 We found that we are a people that has experienced, for four hundred years, successful fighting on one level or another, for spiritual, physical, and economic freedom. Our contribution to that movement, The Story of the Game Black people Play/Trilogy, is the sum-total of this four hundred year fight as it tells the Story of Black history.

To tell this story, we used the format of a memoir, in which a Grandpa is kicking the Game around with his Grandkids, by telling them stories about his travels on a spiritual and physical journey between babyhood and manhood. And the things he learned about himself, his parents, his extended family, his society, his history, his spiritual culture, and his Ancient Ancestors.

A useful written history also means that it is teachable to future generations on a national level; a people is not educated about themselves if they don't know the meaning of their history. This is what we are about.


 Orchester (Hip-hop Grandpa) Benjamin (Voice)

Orchester Benjamin Jr. (Mind)

Linda F. Benjamin (Heart)

Clovis E. Benjamin-Dinwiddie (Soul)

And the Grandkids (energy)


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