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Institute of Ancient West African

“Spirituality and Intellectuality”

“Wisdom and Knowledge of the Black Experience”

 History's Articles of Truths

The Ben and Bertha Benjamin’s institute is the Keeper of the AfroSacredStars in the Cosmic Domain of Black Spirituality and Intellectuality. It is an intellectual state of mind that defines and gives meaning to the part of us that exists in the spiritual world of our Ancient Ancestors. AfroSacredStars are the symbol and content of this definition. Based on seven Truths.

Truth; We came from West and West Central Africa. And the areas we came from are divided into seven nations, the Akan, Yoruba, Igbo, Aja, Wolof, Secree, and Nzere (Bantu); each of whom had their own religious beliefs. (See: The AfroSacredStar Story at

Truth; Africans take their Gods and Goddesses everywhere they go. This means there is a solid foundation on which to build the idea that we brought our Gods and Goddesses to America aboard those slave ships.

Truth; When talking about African Gods and Goddesses, we are talking about systems of spiritual values. This means that our Gods and Goddesses symbolize our Constitution of Spiritual Values based on Ancient West African Religious Beliefs. ( See: Questions of Black Salvation/ The Black History and African Soul Story at

Truth; The number seven plays a major role in the spirituality of African American's ritual symbolism. Seven, symbolizes the constitution of our soul, in the form of the above mentioned seven African nations spiritually merging into one people. This is the reality of our existence detailed in the spiritual transformation of us into a people, African Americans. (See: The Story of the Game Black People Play/Trilogy at

Truth; Our physical symbol, in the form of AfroSacredStars, is a circle of seven Ancestor nations focusing their spiritual energy to the center, which brings African Americans and our Ancestor’s Kingdom into harmonious spiritual reality. And just as important, it is also the energy that gives spiritual reality to Mama Seven and Papa Seven, through beliefs, to the Ben and Bertha Benjamin Memorial Institute, as the Ancient West African Spirituality and Intellectuality of the Story of the Game Black People Play in the twenty-first century.

Truth; The power emanating from Black history is the fortitude, drive, and determination transforming our chosen destiny to live in a society based on economic, spiritual, and social freedom into the reality of Black culture.

Truth; All wisdom and knowledge, imbedded in the Black culture, has their roots in the experience of living life under the influence of slavery and later, under racism; transforming lies into truths in our Soul and Mind.

The Questions becomes, as a people, what did African Americans learn from the historical experience of these Truths?

“Is a person educated if they don’t know the meaning of their History?”

Finding an answer to that question is the mission statement of Ben and Bertha Benjamin Institute of Ancient West African 'Spirituality and Intellectuality.'

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