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It’s all about the Game.

The Game Black people are playing

And the Game that is playing Black people

 In the contexts of Ancient West African Intellectuality, the foundation of American history is made up of three groups, or to say, of three different basic mind games. They are the Northern White people’s mind-game, the Southern White people’s mind-game, and Black people’s mind-game. Those three minds made America what it is today. And the dynamics in the relationships between these three minds playing games with each other over hundreds of years is what created the spiritual dynamics of America’s Society, and shaped its history. The problems in America’s society are found in the nature of the relationship of these minds to each other, and to themselves.

The Northern White mind-game and Southern White mind-game is locked into colonialism (when one nation enslaves another nation); after the Civil War, the North reconstructed the Southern Society, which freed Blacks from slavery. This created a problem in the South’s mind-game that they have not been able to deal with. Their mind is still fighting the Civil War with the North in spite of it being a 'lost cause.'

The relationship between the North’s mind-game and the Black’s mind-game is based on Racism in a framework of capitalist social Classism. The Northern Whites think of Blacks as low-class, any economic success by Blacks is a threat to their middle class world. The middle class needed a rich, and especially poor class for their existence. Here, Black’s mind is fighting an economic class war with the North.

The Black’s mind game and the Southern White’s mind game is locked together, and trapped in Slavery. The definition of slavery on an individual level is when one people are forced to live under the rules of another people. This puts Blacks and Southern Whites in the same position, living under the rules of the Northern Whites; in Black’s case voluntarily, and in the South’s case involuntarily.

In addition, what a handicapped Southern Whites and Blacks have, which Northern Whites doesn’t have, is that both are trying to fight their way out of Slavery, and neither one of them have a useable history to guide them. This means that they are directly and indirectly standing in each other’s way in a weird catch 22 situation in defining and using their history. This has been the foundation of Blacks and Southern White’s historical relationship for nearly one hundred and fifty years, 1865-to the twenty-first century, and the beat goes on and on.

Meanwhile, for the last 400 years, Black people have prayed, fought, and died for the Dream of living in a society based on spiritual, physical, and economic freedom. Black’s major problem in American history is that our game to survive must engage in spiritual warfare with Northern and Southern mind games to force them to live by their own standards and values, namely Christianity and the Constitution, to get what we want.

At the same time, this is a bizarre two-way fight between Black and White minds; usually, people fight for the opposite reasons, in that they want to change the standards and values of each other lives, instead of the other way around. This is how Black people’s game is playing on White people’s mind. In the meantime, there are White people in America's society that don’t want Black people to reach our destiny, even at the expense of not living in a free society themselves. That is the name of their game, putting up obstacles in the path of Black’s Ideas is how White people’s game is playing on Black people’s mind.

Games are ideas, and Ideas are like life. They have to feed on each other to survive just like animals eating other animals to live. If you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you are not; especially if you use other people’s definitions for  standards and values to measure your worth. If you do, somebody's ideas are eating you up.

P.S. What are Black People's mind-game's contributing to America? Its orchestrating the transformation of America's government, from one of maintaining slavery, to one of fighting for spiritual, social, and economic freedom for all of its citizens. 'Black people's ideas are also doing some eating.'

 Thus is the nature of Black's historical prospective, which is the theme of:

The Story of the Game Black people Play/Trilogy


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